• Limbic Songs at Real Eyes Gallery - Adams, MA

    Limbic Songs at Real Eyes Gallery - Adams, MA

    Group exhibition, Limbic Songs, organized by Cotter Luppi at Real Eyes Gallery in Adams, MA

  • Big Ringer at Andrew Edlin

    Big Ringer at Andrew Edlin

    I put together an amazing show of 100 artists reimagining the engagement ring at Andrew Edlin

    Big Ringer
    Curated by Andrew Guenther
    April 27 – June 8, 2019

    Andrew Edlin Gallery presents Big Ringer, a celebration of artists and artisans from many fields reimagining the engagement ring, organized by Andrew Guenther.
Prior to our modern understanding of the circulatory system, many believed a vein ran directly from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart. The vena amoris, or vein of love, was seen as the conduit to a loved one's heart. Placing a wedding band or engagement ring on this finger was meant to be a supernatural link to the wearers partner, a symbol of unity. Over time the ring has grown in size, opulence, and cultural expectations.

    We asked over 100 artists to create “rings” of any material and no larger than 5 inches in any direction. Given the task of re-envisioning such a heavily symbolic object, the results of which are rings imbued with an honest or apprehensive or optimistic or cynical symbolism. Big Ringer presents a varying account of the state of the ring today.

    Contributing artists:
    Alex Ebstein, Alexander Deschamps, Alicia Gibson, Andres Bedoya, Andrew Guenther, Andy Cross, Anoushe Shojae Chaghorvand, Anthony Miler, Antone Könst, Austin Eddy, Bengala - Benjamin Tischer and Gala Verdugo, Bonnie Andrus, Branden Koch, Brian Willmont, Carl D’Alvia, Christiane Hultquist, COCO & LALA - Coco Dolle & Sarah Lapinski, Danielle Friedman, Dave Bryant, Dave Choi, David Kennedy-Cutler, Denise Kupferschmidt, Destiny Montague, Doug Young and Sarah Breivis, Evan Chamberlain, Frodo Mikkelsen, Hanna Sandin, Jay Davis, Jenn Smith, Jennifer Sirey, Jesse Bercowetz, Jim Lee, John O’Hara, Jon Blank, Jonathan DeDecker, Jonathan Tracy, Jordon Colon, Joseph Ari Aloi and Bree Nichols, Kate Klingbeil, Kate Levant, Kate O’Riley, Katherine Blackburne, Katherine Bradford, Kyp Malone, Klemens Gasser, Lane Twitchell, Langdon Graves, Laura Seymour, Lauristen Avery, Lenka Curtin, Lucky DeBellevue, Luke Rathborne, Marianne Vitale, Marisa Tesauro, Mark DeLong, Mark Thomas Gibson, Matias Argañaraz, Matthew Day Jackson, Mia Giselle Anter, Michael Hambouz, Michael Mahalchick, Michael Maxwell, Michael Vahrenwald, Mike Paré, Nancy Smith, Nanu Al-Hamad, Nathan Maxwell Cann, Nicholas Steindorf, Nick Van Woert, Nikolai Rose, Odran McAtameny, Paul Brainard, Paul Whiting, Pepe Mar, Peter Coffin, Peter Cole, Peter Fend, Peter Vogl, Priscilla Fusco, Rebeca Raney, RECKLI, Richard Tinkler, Ryan Kitson, Ryan Steadman, Sarah Schechter, Sarah Slappey, Sasha Fishman, Savannah King, Scout Zabinski, Stacy Fisher, Tamara Santibanez, Thom Cowan, Tiffany Pollack, Todd J Colby, and Valaire Van Slyck

  • Viel Feind, viel Ehr at Peninsula Art Space opens February 17th, 6-9 PM

    Viel Feind, viel Ehr at Peninsula Art Space opens February 17th, 6-9 PM

    Peninsula Art Space
    352 Van Brunt Street
    (corner of Sullivan Street)
    Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Curated by Johnny Mullen and Raaf van der Sman

    Viel Feind, viel Ehr is the first iteration of a collaborative project between Peninsula Gallery and the Berlin project space nationalmuseum. It presents a number of artists allied to nationalmuseum paired with New York artists selected by the curatorial team of Peninsula.

    Peter Braatz and Thomas Schwebel met in Düsseldorf in the late 1970s and invented, in addition to new names for themselves, the name of a non-existent band called S.Y.P.H. They could neither play nor did they own any instruments. At the time, they frequented the ‘Ratinger Hof’ which was the regular haunt of bands like Charley’s Girls and Mittagspauze. “Yeah, we’re musicians too.” When pressed further, they blurted out titles: “Zurück zum Beton” (Back to Concrete,) “Industriemädchen” (Industrial Girls,) and “Lachleute und Nettmenschen” (Laugh-people and Nice-people.)

    Now there was an interest and a building pressure to write the songs. This resulted in S.Y.P.H.’s first album, Viel Feind, viel Ehr, which Carmen Knoebel brought out in 1979 as the first album on Pure Freude, her legendary Düsseldorf punk label. The artists and artwork featured in this joint exhibition captures the same type of audacious, spontaneous energy found in its titular namesake.

    Jerry Blackman - Lutz Braun - Andreas Bunte - Andrew Guenther - Stef Heidhues - John Hodany - Jeroen Jacobs - Valentin Just - Michael Kirkham - Johnny Mullen - Hester Oerlemans - Mike Olin - Thomas Schroeren - Marike Schuurman - Gibb Slife - Raaf van der Sman - Heidi Specker - Barbara Westermann - Jess Willa Wheaton - Anton Zolotov

  • Pure 'Joy' Opens Friday January 11th at Western Exhibitions, Chicago

    Pure 'Joy' Opens Friday January 11th at Western Exhibitions, Chicago

    INVISIBLE-EXPORTS presents Pure ‘Joy’
    Featuring Miles Aldridge, Mike Bouchet, Jane Corrigan, Joey Frank, Andrew Guenther, Cary Leibowitz, Nate Lowman, Dan McCarthy, Rebecca Morgan, Todd Pavlisko, Tabboo!, Orkideh Torabi, John Waters, Jade Yumang

    January 11 - February 23, 2019
    In Galleries One & Two
    1709 W Chicago Avenue, Suite 2c

    INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is pleased to present Pure ‘Joy’ at Western Exhibitions in Chicago, a group show that tries to see the underbelly of joy — to peek below the hood of it, to play around in its aftermath and explore its not-immediately-apparent contradictions and paradoxes. The exhibition features work by Miles Aldridge (London, UK), Mike Bouchet (Frankfurt, Germany), Jane Corrigan (New York, NY), Joey Frank (Brooklyn, NY), Andrew Guenther (Brooklyn, NY), Cary Leibowitz (New York, NY), Nate Lowman (New York, NY), Dan McCarthy (Palenville, NY), Rebecca Morgan (Bloomsburg, PA), Tabboo! (New York, NY), Todd Pavlisko (Brooklyn, NY), Orkideh Torabi (Chicago, IL), John Waters (Baltimore, MD), and Jade Yumang (Chicago, IL). Please join us for the opening reception, free and open to the public, on Friday, January 11 from 5 to 8pm.

    The idea of joy is a slippery one. Joy is immediate, but fleeting. It’s not as deep as happiness, or as rich as hate. And it can leave you empty and even self-loathing, like an unfulfilled craving or hangover. But is it just the absence of joy that makes us sad? Or are we worried about who we truly are without it?

    The paradox of joy is nothing new—it shows up throughout art history in unexpected ways; Yves Klein’s Leap Into the Void, The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago, a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat, or even Vito Acconci’s Following Piece. But it has become even more conspicuous in a time of private despair and relentless public pressure towards optimism. The artworks presented here are meant to show the entire narrative of joy, from the immediate surface pleasure, to the tail end when it slips away. Or maybe all the elements were there at once, from the start.


    Western Exhibitions was conceived in 2002 as a nomadic commercial gallery, staging shows at apartments, lofts, other galleries and participating in the 2nd and 3rd iterations of the influential Stray Show. In 2004, director (and ex-artist) Scott Speh first opened a bricks-and-mortar space on Chicago’s west side and moved to Chicago’s main contemporary gallery district, the West Loop, in 2008 and in 2017, moved to Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood, along with fellow galleries Document, Paris London Hong Kong, and Volume Gallery.

    Western Exhibitions is a contemporary art gallery that shows thought-provoking, and visually innovative artists who work across most media, with an emphasis on personal narratives and cosmologies; LGBTQ artists and issues; pattern, decoration and surface concerns; works on paper; and artist books. Western Exhibitions presents unique artist projects, curated group shows and maintains a specific inventory of artist books and multiples, gathered together as a sister entity, WesternXeditions.

  • New Paintings at Soft Opening, Brooklyn, NY

    New Paintings at Soft Opening, Brooklyn, NY

    December 28th - January 10, 2019
    Soft Opening
    Plant Store and Gallery

    Closed Tuesdays

  • PSYCHIC MALWARE - The Hidden Danger of Looking

    PSYCHIC MALWARE  - The Hidden Danger of Looking

    A one day exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Andrew Guenther.

    Saturday October 7th, 2017
    10AM to 8PM
    524 West 19th Street, New York NY 10011

  • Shelf Life at the Ace Hotel

    Shelf Life at the Ace Hotel

    go to palmisland.us for more!

  • Group exhibition at Le Coeur - Paris

    Group exhibition at Le Coeur - Paris
  • Joyride - Summer Exhibition - Marlborough Broome Street

    Marlborough Broome Street is pleased to present a special exhibition of works by an international group of artists celebrating the bicycle: a visual expression of the urban cycling movement. Joyride, has been organized by Ed Spurr and Brendt Barbur, and is presented in celebration of the 14th edition of the Bicycle Film Festival. Joyride runs from June 25 through August 3, 2014

    Click Here for Press Release - Marlborough Broome Street!

    Artists in the exhibition:
    Ai Weiwei / Rita Ackermann / Tim Barber / Frank Benson / Lizzi Bougatsos / Julia Chiang / Francesco Clemente / Peter Coffin / Dan Colen / Thomas Eggerer / Urs Fischer / Leo Fitzpatrick / Rainer Ganahl / Andrew Guenther / Marc Hundley / Alex Katz / KAWS / Graham Macbeth / Ari Marcopoulos / Jonathan Monk / Jason Nocito / Laura Owens / Eli Ping / Richard Prince / Tom Sachs / Aurel Schmidt / Kiki Smith / Devin Troy Strother / Spencer Sweeney / John Tremblay / B. Wurtz

    Read New York Times Mention Here!

  • Group Exhibition: Not For All My Little Words

    Not For All My Little Words
    Curated by MARC STRAUS Director Tim Hawkinson
    March 30 - April 27, 2014
    Opening Reception: Sunday, March 30, 5:00-7:00pm
    Marc Straus gallery website

  • Popcorn Illusions at Gallery 106 Green

    Gallery 106 Green presents Popcorn Illusions, a solo exhibition from Andrew Guenther. The opening reception will be on Saturday, January 25th from 6-8pm.

    The show will run from January 25th to February 23rd. Gallery hours are on Sundays from 12-5pm or by appointment, please contact 106green@gmail.com. 106 Green is located at 104 Green Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

    Guenther’s new body of work began in February 2013 with a conscious choice, made by the artist, to limit the color choices to flat black and unbleached titanium. The result is a highly graphic image, which recalls the film tinting process of the silent film era. Like those films, the paintings make the most of the limitation, high contrasts that burn into your memory and engage in a sort of sequential slapstick of events.

    From the artist:

    “I have strong ideas like “yes” or “no way” when it comes to decision making while I am working on a painting, but I let my “why not?” thoughts drift freely before I commit to the next canvas. I’m not ashamed to say that most of my work comes from the gut.

    The new paintings relate to photography in my use of a simple color palette. I prefer to use black and white because of it’s documentary aspect, which helps to free the images from the clutter of unintended cultural references.

    I understand that the subject matter; squares, boxes, hands, feet, popcorn, might come across as blunt or heavy-handed, but I also think this work has something that you can take with you for the rest of your life. In one image a hotdog is hanging out in the opening of a cola bottle. Once you have seen it, it’s like a tiny scar that cannot be washed from the eyes.

    I like movies for the same reason.

    In the paintings, popcorn is suspended in darkness like stars, tossed out of a bucket in a theater accident, or flattening like icons in Warhol’s flower paintings. Segmented digital time displays appear to spin or slide. Squares are arranged neatly in a grid with several disruptions to the system. The edges of a small painting frame the hands of an auteur for us to see the deeply personal vision of the director.”

    A book titled Popcorn Illusions will be available at the gallery in concert with the exhibition and features a series of photographs and paintings that may be seen as an active sketchbook of thoughts both completed and beginning. Two previous publications, Hotdog in a Banana and Orange Peel Believer will also be available. Orange Peel Beliver is a book of haikus by Luke Rathborne with art by Andrew Guenther.


  • Edward Thorp Gallery

    Assembly 2012
    September 13 - October 20, 2012
    Cora Cohen, Amy Feldman,
    Sarah Gamble, Andrew Guenther, Elizabeth Huey,
    & Kurt Lightner

    Edward Thorp Gallery
    210 Eleventh Avenue, 6th Fl
    New York, NY 10001

  • ILLE Arts

    Sept. 15 - Oct.10, 2012
    Andrew Guenther, Jose Lerma,
    Liz Markus, Wendy White

    ILLE Arts
    216a Main Street
    Amagansett, NY

  • Talking to a Fish and Paraphernalia

    Sept. 15th - Oct. 22nd, 2011
    Reception Thursday, Sept. 15th, 6-8pm

    Freight + Volume
    530 W. 24th St.
    New York, NY

    PHONE: 212 691 7700

    EMAIL: info@freightandvolume.com

  • Andrew Guenther at Kaycee Olsen Gallery, Los Angeles

  • Andrew Guenther Inteviewed by Carissa Pelleteri from Artcards

  • 10 Painters, 10 Palettes

  • Solo Exhibition

    Through November 25th, 2010
    Motus Fort, Tokyo
    Motus Fort website

    The exhibition features works on paper, photographs, and paintings.

    Andrew Guenther

    The Devil's Pants
    October 22 through November 25

    The Devil’s pants are good pants
    They look strong! They look strong!
    The Devil's mother sewed them
    They look strong! They look strong!
    You can wear them for 5 years and they won't tear
    They look strong! They look strong!
    You can wear them for 10 years and they won't tear
    They look strong! They look strong!
    Let's wear the Devil’s pants!
    Let's wear the Devil’s pants!
    You should wear them too!
    Let's all wear the Devil’s pants together!!

  • Recent Exhibitions

    Galerie Perrotin, Paris
    Galerie Perrotin
    Ultrasonic V, Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
    Mark Moore Gallery
    This Much Crumpled Thing, Exhibition Agency, Chicago, IL
    The Exhibition Agency

  • Recent Drawings at Freight + Volume, NY

  • The Beginning

  • Interview

    Check out the current issue of Theme Magazine for an interview with Andrew and a fun selection of images.
    PDF of Interview Theme Magazine Issue 20
    Theme Magazine

  • New Studio

    Andrew has a new studio and he's making bigger paintings!

  • Looking For Culture, Part III

    A selection of works from the past eight years in New York. This exhibition at Freight + Volume opens Saturday, November 22nd. The reception is 6 - 8 PM and the exhibition will run through January 10th. Please check the gallery website for hours.
    Freight + Volume
    Freight + Volume
    542 W 24th
    NY, NY 10011

  • Looking for Culture, Part I

    A solo exhibition of recent works by Andrew Guenther.
    Opening: Friday, October 17 -- through December 6, 2008
    Andrew Rafacz Gallery
    835 West Washington
    Chicago IL 60607
    Andrew Rafacz Gallery


    Andrew Guenther will present work with Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc. at VIENNAFAIR 08 April 24th - 27th
    Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc.

  • Tricycle, The Buddhist Review

    Tricycle summer issue features works by Andrew Guenther
    Hits newsstands May 15, 2008

  • Supernature opens Thursday February 28th 2008 at Howard House Gallery, Seattle

    Supernature, Curated by Gretchen Bennett (Center Gallery)
    Saul Chernick, Andrew Guenther, Matthew Day Jackson, Alexander Kantarovsky, Robert de Saint Phalle, Suzanne Walters, Aaron Williams
    February 28- April 12, 2008
    Opening Reception: Thursday, February 28, 6-8pm